La classe de M. Hartnell

My name is Monsieur Hartnell and I am a primary French Immersion teacher. I believe that a strong foundation in oral French is essential and that learning French should be fun. These beliefs are very evident in everything I do and that you see in my classroom.  In my classroom, there are many incentive-based strategies systems, which are used to encourage students to take risks. French is the language of communication in my French Immersion classroom. In order to build students confidence and ease in using French to communicate, there are a number of systems in place that promote risk-taking and communicating in French. Part of risk-taking is trying even when you don’t have the right answer and being okay with being wrong sometimes. With time, practice, patience and support, you can develop independence and confidence in your abilities. These systems are based on positive reinforcement and reward students for using French, for reminding others to speak French and for encouraging students to support others who need support in speaking French.

This website serves as an amalgamation of resources that I, along with my wife and teaching partner, Mme Hartnell, have curated throughout our careers as French teachers. Whether you are a student, parent, or fellow educator, my hope is that this website can be a useful and powerful tool that supports French learning. I invite you to explore this website and the resources that we have gathered and/or created for you. Hopefully you find it helpful and do keep an eye out for new content as we are constantly re-evaluating, building, and adding new resources as we become aware of them. The resources on this site are mainly geared towards Primary French Immersion and Primary/Junior Core French. 
In this section of the website, students will find Mots de la semaine, Mémoire games for Mots de la semaine and Les mots fréquents, Lalilo, French books being read on YouTube, more games, songs, and videos in French.
In this section of the website, parents will find many valuable resources about how to support your child's learning at home, including a list of apps that can be purchased or downloaded for free.
In this section of the website, educators will find blog posts where they can learn more about my classroom set up, strategies and systems that I use to promote French speaking, and how I use games in French class. There is a link to our TPT store, in the event that an educator is looking to purchase or download a particular game or resource that we've created.